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Prime Now App Store | UX Strategy

User experience direction and strategy for app store screenshots


App store preview

UX strategy

Mobile apps available in the Apple and Google Play App Stores display a preview page with up to five screenshots of the app “in action.” The goal of the screenshots is to show potential users what they will get upon downloading the app. Companies take different approaches in their previews in terms of styling, content, and layout. Each App Store has it’s own set of technical guidelines, and a company has generally free reign over the design of the preview screenshots.


Use research methods to drive a recommended path forward. Determine the key message to be portrayed through the app preview screenshots to highlight the product and value prop.

Discovery: Competitive Analysis

I started with a deep dive into how other similar apps are displayed within the app stores. I researched current trends to understand current thinking of app store screenshot designs, as well as best practices.

I created a mood board in InVision to capture the variety of design approaches, and then analyzed similarities and differences.

Customer research

In addition to understanding how competitors approached the design of their screenshots, I wanted to gain more insight into the specific users of my app.

I approached the marketing team for the most current customer insights reporting. I read recent reports that gathered information on why customers use our product, what their mental model of the product/service is, and the key reasons they value our service.


Research indicates that in general, consumers respond best to engaging app store screenshots that show strategic, informative screens of the app with simple messaging supporting the visuals.

Prime Now customers value the service provided through the app. They choose to use Prime Now for its fast delivery, convenience, and wide selection of items.

Currently, the Prime Now app store screenshots are not providing an immediately clear story about how the app can improve the lives of potential customers. We do not show the breadth of items and the screens are not displayed in a way that quickly highlights the key service promise.

By combining straightforward messaging with engaging imagery highlighting the fast and convenient delivery of a wide selection of items, the app store screenshots will highlight to customers Prime Now’s ability to improve daily life.

Communication goals

  1. Showcase the actual app [via screenshots]

  2. Explain the service provided

    • Fast and Convenient

  3. Convey benefit to customers (practically and emotionally)

    • Makes lives easier

    • Provides a convenient solution for busy schedules, avoid extra hassle

    • Additional benefits


Brainstorming ideas based on discovery and research

Finalize design direction

A preliminary sketch I made while brainstorming

I synthesized my UX Research and resulting design recommendations in a document, which I shared with the PM, Senior UX Designer, and the Visual Brand designer on my team.

In collaboration with the rest of the team, I drafted the copy for each screenshot preview based on my understanding of our customers and their motivations for using our app.

We worked together to ensure that brand guidelines were also considered. The brand designer put together the final comps which are now published on the app store.

The final designs were put together by the brand designer on our team. I worked in collaboration with her to be sure the final design followed my vision and recommendations.