Digital Design

Social Media Event Advertisement

I designed this advertisement for La Marzocco's "On the Road" series. The ad was used to promote two events in Columbus and Detroit. I took inspiration from the La Marzocco "On the Road" logo, and created a map detail in the background of each city.


Web Design

I redesigned the home page of Showcase Mosaics website for a Web Design program I took in 2015. For the program, I created the visual design and built the responsive home page using HTML and CSS.

Online Campaign Banners

I volunteer for a nonprofit Social Justice organization. They asked me to design banner images for an upcoming campaign about raising the age for youth to be tried as adults in the North Carolina court system. The images were used during a week-long campaign across social media sites.

Daily UI Challenges

I enjoy participating in Daily UI Challenges, which is a program that sends randomized UI design challenges to your inbox. The challenges are a fun source of inspiration and creativity.