Seattle Interactive Conference 2017 - Recap

IMG_1337.JPG an annual two day event focused on new trends in technology and design. There are speakers from all kinds of amazing companies, from startups to large enterprises. 

This year, I was lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer at the conference which awarded me a complimentary ticket to attend the full event. I'm so glad I had this experience! As a new UX Designer, I connected with tons of interesting people and got to listen in on so many great talks. 

Here are some highlights from the sessions I attended:

Arts Access in Seattle - Panel discussion

The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture is working hard to keep arts education alive in public education. Through The Creative Advantage, the city is working toward increasing access to the arts and, importantly, providing information on how the arts can be turned into careers.

Whole Brain Typography with Jeff Barlowe

Jeff Barlowe, Creative Director at Boeing and Typography Expert, discussed "Left" and "Right" brain typography and how designers can work towards a holistic approach. 


The Grid

My notes on Jeff's suggestions for manipulating traditional and modern grid layout for typographic design

UX For Mixed Reality - Creating User Flows

Lillian Warner, of NYU, presented the graduate research her team is conducting with mixed reality. Specifically, she talked about creating "Reality Sequences" as a way to show user flows when working with mixed reality. The team used 8Ninth's "Table of Elements" to work through the different interaction sequences that would be available to users.

3 Pillars to UX Writing

Presented by Elly Searle and Torrey Podmajersky, who teach a UX Writing course together at SVC, this session focused on crafting user-focused content. They provided three pillars to UX writing:

  1. Be Purposeful - provide a path for the user, and think of all possible scenarios.
  2. Be Concise - every word should be deliberate.
  3. Be Conversational - use the Active Tense, use plain language, and reveal details only as needed.

3 Pillars to UX Writing

My Notes from the session

I highly recommend this conference to those in the tech/design fields. This was a good opportunity to stay connected with the community, and the variety of topics represented allowed attendees to truly get the most out of the two days. Volunteering is a wonderful way to be involved, and I hope to do it again next year!