Alyson Dietz
Alyson Dietz | Designer


b. 1986, HK.


A little bit about me…

Current role: Product designer at Microsoft

With a love for design and a passion for people, I find fulfillment crafting experiences that provide ease and pleasure. My background in Psychology, social services, and graphic design brings me to a place of understanding, with a desire to create beautiful and empathetic solutions to the needs of users. 

I am interested in ways we can use the design framework to address big-picture needs such as structural and organizational processes. I am passionate about design for social change and have volunteered my time for a variety of non profit organizations.

In everything I do, I look for ways to be inclusive and embrace diversity. This is no different when it comes to design. Inclusion and accessibility are always on my mind and I am currently actively working to further my knowledge in this area.

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