A little about me...

With a love for design and a passion for people, I find fulfillment crafting experiences that provide ease and pleasure. My background in Psychology, social services, and graphic design brings me to a place of understanding, with a desire to create beautiful and empathetic solutions to the needs of users. Outside of design, I enjoy yoga, reading (YA has a soft place in my heart), playing with my cat, and spending time with friends and family. I am also an illustrator.

Why UX?

People sometimes wonder why I chose to transition from graphic to UX design. While I love graphic design, I always found myself wanting to talk about the "why". As an in house designer at a small company, I would talk with customers and hear from them what they did or didn’t like about our website and products. I wanted to advocate for our customers in my designs and create solutions based on their needs.

As a freelancer, I experienced projects where I was tasked with creating a visual or branding asset, but rarely had insight into those who would spend the most time interacting with the final product. When I first encountered UX, I realized it was what I had been seeking all along. I want to create a beautiful product that also reflects the experiences of those engaging with it. I want to know why I am making something a certain way, and be able to back that story up with evidence. UX design gives me a space to work empathetically with users while creating a design that is pleasing in both aesthetics and function.